Skills and resources

TAMARIS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE is able to meet all demands relating to the protection of movable or immovable property. Its agents have recognised expertise in all of the following missions:

Fire safety

Trained in the prevention and reduction of fire risks, fire safety officers work in high-rise buildings (IGH) or establishments open to the public (ERP).
They are responsible for verifying and maintaining the resources that contribute to fire safety and for calling and receiving the emergency services in
the event of an incident. They also regularly conduct awareness sessions with employees and train staff in fire safety.

Security dog surveillance

Security dog handlers form a man-dog team that provides a deterrent presence and can intervene rapidly thanks to surveillance patrols. Of course, these teams are trained to act in full compliance with the regulations in force.

Reception and access control

These officers are the first link in the security chain. Responsible for reception and access control missions, they ensure the control of the entrances and exits of staff, service providers and customers of the user company.

Mobile security

Specialised in surveillance patrols, these officers seek to prevent malicious acts, fires and intrusions, and are prepared for interventions aimed at carrying out doubt removal.

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