Dedicated structures

Armed surveillance missions

TAMARIS is able to provide armed Enhanced Security Officers for missions carried out in circumstances that expose officers to danger, or when people are in places under surveillance that are at high risk of being targeted. The conditions of
acquisition and possession, conservation, transportation of weapons and the particular requirements of use are laid down in Decree no. 2017-1844 of 29 December 2017 concerning the carrying out of certain private security activities
involving the carrying of a weapon. (DECREE NO. 2017-1844 OF 29 DECEMBER 2017)

Clsoe protection missions

TAMARIS PROTECTION is able to respond to all specific requirements and provide an appropriate close protection solution.
The teams assigned to these missions, experts in security and the protection of people, and specialised in difficult missions, are part of private security activities and have typically served in highly specialised units. They may be armed when providing protection to someone who is at high risk of assassination. On a case by case basis, the French Ministry of the Interior may authorise the close protection officer to carry and transport one or more weapons.

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