Professional ethics

TAMARIS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE has great respect for its profession and its importance for the society in which we live. That is why its employees and leaders adhere to a strict code of ethics and prohibit any action that could damage the image of the company; but also the profession as a whole.

Accordingly, all of the company’s employees undertake to:

  • Strictly comply with all of the laws and regulations in force, in particular, the highway code and the professional and social legislation applicable to us.
  • Inform and advise customers honestly and openly in all circumstances.
  • Act in accordance with the code of
    ethics across all levels of service from canvassing until delivery of a service offer.

  • Make customer satisfaction a
    professional priority by delivering the highest quality service in line with the commitments made.


In order to improve its CSR policy, TAMARIS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE has introduced a CSR barometer. This tool, which is used every six months on a sample of employees, enables the company to reliably monitor its actions with regard to its employees, and, based on the results, continue with or correct its approaches.