Areas of intervention

Fire and individual rescue

The issues around fire safety and assistance to individuals faced by companies and organisations are becoming increasingly complex and regulated.

To deal with these challenges, TAMARIS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE will support you by providing you with teams specialised in fire prevention, anticipation and protection through surveillance and human intervention.
An ability to cover all types of buildings – industrial, establishments open to the pubic (ERP), high-rise buildings (IGH), all business sectors and all special risks.
TAMARIS SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE teams have the experience and knowledge required for the following missions:

  • Helipad Fire Safety Service
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire-fighting Service (SSLIA)
  • Fire-fighting service for Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE)
  • Fire Safety and Assistance to Individuals (SSIAP)
  • Industrial Fire-fighting and Protection Service