Areas of intervention

Economic security

Recent obligations concerning the protection of sensitive sites, the security of activities of vital importance (SAIV), SEVESO, major events, and French interest abroad, the criminal liability of directors, concerns of insurers, as well as the expectations of the operators concerned, have led TAMARIS SECURITE PRIVÉE, organised around recognised experts and specialised companies, to broaden its field of expertise in the areas of advice, decisionmaking support, awareness and economic defence.

Risk exposure analysis

Network decoding – Counterfeit risk management – Injury to reputation – Political analysis – Security analysis – Situation monitoring – Tracking and
warning – Due diligence

Consultancy/Operational support

Development of security systems for major projects
– Business continuity plan – Provision of consultants – Crisis management support – Recruitment of local managers – Awareness sessions on risks and threats

Protection of people

Evacuation planning – Extraction of expatriates – Personnel security vetting – Environment management – Event security – Close protection – Negotiation (kidnapping)

Protection of sensitive infrastructures

Infrastructure survey – Vulnerability assessment – Safety planning – Protection of buildings against the threat of terrorism – Protection of buildings against the risk of intrusion – Project management/ownership assistance

Protection of information technologie

Guarantee the integrity of technologies for export – Survey and protection of complex industrial
procedures – Prioritisation and protection of sensitive information


  • Assistance with DRIRE* inspections,
  • Security Commission,
  • Preparation of invitations to tender,
  • Preparation, evolution of OSP – EPP,
  • SRP – IOP – ACP – Progress Plan

* Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and
the Environment